Margaret DelmontAnn Margaret Delmont Sanchez has sat as Executive Director at Camarlengo Foundation since its creation on September 23, 2019. She is an inspirational life and business coach who guides Nonprofit organizations, teams, and individuals to realize their full potential. Margaret came as an immigrant to the United States in the 1970s. She has held key positions helping our Latino community and other minorities through Nonprofit organizations and corporations, which have allowed her to promote; social responsibility, sustainable business management, economic development, and civic engagement.

She is passionate about; advocating for vulnerable communities, defending our immigrants, and spreading the rights of democracy for all. Her most recent missions were fulfilled as Regional Manager of the Educational Fund of ‘NALEO’ (National Association of Latinos Elected Officials) for South Florida. She currently represents the ‘Latin American Presidential Mission’ in Florida. She worked for eleven years as Vice President and Director of Development of Hispanic Unity of Florida and co-founded the organization ‘Latin Women Empowering Latin Women.’

Margaret has an Entrepreneurship degree from Broward College and a Nonprofit Management Certification from the ‘Florida Association of Nonprofits.’ She is currently pursuing her degree in Sustainable Business Management from the University of Wisconsin.

While Margaret continues to implement a robust and inclusive approach to empowering our communities in need; she leads Camarlengo Foundation to provide comprehensive free-of-charge implant-based rehabilitation to Veterans, Seniors, and Adult Minorities through our Community Dentistry Program and LIVE denture implant courses in collaboration with dental sponsors and manufacturers.

Many of our under-served and under-privileged patients need and indeed deserve an implant-based dental rehabilitation, which unfortunately is not within their reach to access. Within our Program, dentists will develop the necessary skill set to expand and grow their surgical comfort zone as you change someone’s life forever. As dentists leap forward into their careers after a course, together, we leave behind a transformed life that will carry on into a new future, thanks to your support!

Partake in something bigger than ourselves, become an indelible imprint in our community, and leave behind your footsteps to be followed.


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