By the Numbers

  • More than 5 million Floridians living in areas that have limited or no access to care.

  • One in five children across Florida suffer from treatable dental problems.

  • More than 23% of 3rd graders in Florida have untreated tooth decay, making Florida 6th in the nation for highest percent of third grade children with unfilled cavities.​

  • More than 2.7 million visits to the ER in 2017 were tied to preventable dental problems.​

  • In 2019, Florida hospitals billed more than $630 million for preventable ER visits and hospital admissions stemming from preventable oral health issues.​

  • Florida taxpayers bear the brunt of the bill with Medicaid paying for nearly 40% of those visits.​

  • 34% of senior citizens (65+) have lost six teeth due to tooth decay or gum disease.​

  • 14% of senior citizens have had all their teeth extracted.​

  • Poor dental health has been associate to cause for 57 systemic diseases and illnesses. Patients with serious dental conditions are 25% more likely to suffer from heart disease and more likely to have autoimmune disorders, anemia, GI disorders and renal disease.​

  • Insured individuals who have access to dental care have lower total health care costs and fewer hospitalizations.

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