Wide Scope

So many of our under-served Veterans, Seniors, and Adult Minorities need and indeed deserve an implant-based dental rehabilitation. Unfortunately, not in their reach to financial access, nor is it included in Medicare, much less is an option of dental care in the Veterans Affairs. We can provide such comprehensive dental implant-based rehabilitation within our Community Dentistry Program. We must serve back and retribute to our own who have already given us so much.

A Solution to the Need

The neighboring Communities will benefit from CDI – Camarlengo Dental Institute serving our Veterans and Seniors in multiple aspects of the enormity of such present dental healthcare needs.

Community Dentistry

(for Patients)

CDI strives to provide comprehensive free-of-charge implant-based rehabilitation Community Dentistry to Veterans, Seniors, and Adult Minorities through LIVE denture implant courses in collaboration with dental sponsors and manufacturers…read more


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LIVE Patient Implant Training Program 

(for Dentists/Trainees)

We welcome you to Camarlengo Dental Institute, a postgraduate dental continuing education and LIVE patient implant surgery training platform in Community Dentistry for dentists in the United States and Latin America. With our courses, US dentists achieve the needed knowledge and skills to successfully incorporate implant-based rehabilitation dentistry into their dental practice.

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Residency Rotations

(for Residents)

  • University residents will benefit from a 10 – 20-week rotation for their Periodontics & Oral Surgery Resident Programs.
  • At the beginning of the residency rotation, residents will attend (for free) our 3-Day Live Patient Implant Program (above), provide after-care for the implant patients and Perio/OS services for our patients during their rotation. 
  • This is a Win-Win for both CDI and the local University.

Manufacturer’s Advocacy

(for Manufacturers)

  • Dental and Medical companies also have a BIG need. They need to boost their sales, consequently companies implement marketing philanthropy.
  • Our LIVE Training Program is the perfect and specific niche for Dental manufacturers eager to support and sponsor. It is an opportunity to showcase their product lines within a LIVE Training setting, where dentists are trained by highly prestigious and reputable faculty in a realistic dental scenario.
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Shop for a Purpose

(for Dentists/Customers)

We believe in promoting socially innovative businesses to showcase healthcare services and dental and medical products to our community. Every time you buy any product from us, a portion of your purchase will empower one of our Programs and Community Service Campaigns.