Welcome to Camarlengo Foundation a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization focused on Healthcare Services for our under-served
and under-priviledged Veteran, Senior and Minority communities, via a postgraduate dental continuing education and live
patient implant surgery training platform in Community Dentistry through Camarlengo Dental Institute’s Live Denture and
Implant courses for the United States and Latin America. With our courses you will achieve the needed knowledge and skills
to successfully incorporate implant-based rehabilitation dentistry into your practice.

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Fort Lauderdale,  Florida

3-Day Live Dental Implant Surgery Training Course open to Dentists around the U.S. at our California Location and at our Brazil Location.


Camarlengo Foundation in collaboration with dental sponsors and manufacturers strives to provide comprehensive implant-based rehabilitation dentistry to our Veterans, Seniors and Minorities through Camarlengo Dental Institute’s Live Denture & Implant courses.


We have a life-changing trainee and volunteer experience in a live implant and denture training course where dentists will be able to place implants on our Seniors and Veterans while learning up-to-date surgical techniques from highly qualified instructors.


So many of our under-served and under-privileged patients need and indeed deserve an implant-based dental rehabilitation, that unfortunately is not in their reach to access. Within Camarlengo Dental Institute’s Program, you will come out with the necessary skill set to expand and grow your surgical comfort zone as you change someone’s life forever. As you take a leap forward into your career after a course, you leave behind a transformed life that will carry on into a new future thanks to you!


Partake in something bigger than yourself. Become an indelible imprint of your Patients and Community and leave behind your footsteps to be followed.